The joys of Spring

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What brings us more joy than spring and summer?

One might argue that technically, Malaysia is summer all year round so there’s certainly nothing to be joyful about what with this heatwave making us sweat the minute we exit our showers. But the stores dictate that there are four seasons a year, dressing their windows with plush velvet and sequins in “winter” and skimpy neon tank tops in the “summer” , regardless whether or not we are in a tropical country smack near the equator.

So when spring and summer does come around – in the stores that is- we rejoice, because finally we get to buy clothes that we could actually wear.

Here are a few lovely looks that we have found which screams spring of ’13 to us

Aimee Song of style blog Song of Style in a lovely palm print short suit … Read More »

Embellished sunglasses

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One of the biggest trends to be incorporated into Spring Summer this 2013 are embellished sunglasses. While this trend has yet to really make its way to our Malaysian shores, it’s heating up runways and editorials the world over so it’s only a matter of time.

This playful, flirty look is meant to be all out there, so the “louder” or more embellished your sunnies are, the better!


If you can’t afford these babies from designers, it’s really easy to bedazzle a normal pair of sunglasses by yourself.

Cat eye frames seem to be more popular, followed by rounded frames, or even more fashion-forward, playful frames such as stars and hearts.

Have fun and go crazy with your sunnies today!

Charlotte Olympia, awesome shoe label

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Charlotte Olympia is pretty synonymous with a touch of quirkiness and cheekiness without being overly done. Her shoes and accessories always provide just the right touch to an entire outfit. Here are four items that have become synonymous with the brand over the years


s Web is pretty much her signature shoe, and she had loved the story since she was a kid. The spider web is carefully embroidered onto the flats and is more or less Charlotte Olympia’s trademark

Most of Charlotte Olympia’s shoes have a touch of whimsy, and quirkiness, and Kiss Me Dolores isn’t any different. These adorable darlings have lips kitschily detailed on the pointed end of the heel.

If Charlotte’s Web are Charlotte Olympia’s trademark heels, these kitty flats are what put Charlotte Olympia on the map. These heels have been worn on the soles of every celebrity … Read More »

Handbags made out of real human hair

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This was certainly a shock to our system. Korean designer Tae Seok Kang has designed and made these handbags made out of human hair.

His collection, dubbed “Sexual Humorous” is said to explore the narratives of the sexual human body ranging from the subtle to the extreme.

Whatever it is, we think that the bags look both really cool and grotesque at the same time.


What do you think? Would you wear these bags out?


Hanneli Mustaparta, style icon

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Hanneli Mustaparta used to be a model, now turned blogger, fashion photographer, and the occasional Vogue contributor. And what a blogger she has become. It is no wonder she is so stylish. Models usually look great with clothes but off the runway, might not necessarily have the same keen eye for fashion or style. Hanneli, on the other hand, seems to have her toes fully dipped in the fashion pool. Her great genes certainly help too.

Her blog is usually sprinkled liberally with editorial-like photos of herself in the latest trends, styles and cuts of the season, keeping her readers up to date on current trends, and the latest IT textures and fabrics of the season, or the latest pajama trend that has been sweeping Hollywood and the street fashion world by storm.

Hanneli is also a great photographer, and captures great … Read More »

Isabel Marant sneakers

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What do you think about sneakers with platforms in them? Some people cry a resounding NO, but if they were so pretty like these Isabel Marant ones? Would you wear them?

These shoes have pretty much developed a cult following and look great with shorts, skinnies, leggings and skirts.

Giselle Bundchen

Chiara Ferragni

Miranda Kerr

These sneakers are mostly made of a combination of suede and leather and range from about 340 pounds to 390 pounds depending on the design and material (close to RM2000).

Would you wear them?


Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

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These babies retail for 465 pounds (thats about RM2325). They are made of velvet and the the cat face is painstakingly stitched onto the slipper. We’ve spotted them on the soles of many stars in and around Hollywood as well as stylish fashion bloggers

If only we all had the money

Tell us: would you wear these Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats?



Chiara Ferragni, style icon

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I first discovered Chiara Ferragni through one of her looks on Lookbook. Through that site, I then clicked on all her other looks, and realized I loved every single one of them and this girl had a knack for making her clothes look… GREAT on her. That was how I discovered her website, The Blonde Salad.

Chiara is always spot on the latest trends, carrying IT bags, and wearing the latest fashion styles effortlessly and stylishly. She never looks too girly nor full blown edgy, always pairing a feminine frock with something more structured. But then again, Chiara seems to weave magic into every piece she puts on and a simple dress can turn into the latest must have. This is evident as over the few short years that she has spent blogging, she has had numerous collaboration with both high … Read More »

How to dress for Fall 2012 in a tropical country

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We are blessed (or cursed, depending how you look at things) with brilliant sunshine all year round. However, we still follow overseas’ trends closely as fashion changes every quarter to welcome the new season. Since it’s fall now, but it is not like we can walk around in fur coats and trench coats, here are some ways to adapt the fall trend into our wardrobe in sunny Malaysia.

1. Loose slouchy sweaters

To avoid looking like you just stepped off a plane from Europe, and also simmering in our very hot country, make sure your sweaters are breathable, meshy, and not too thick, or pair it with shorts for a nice contrast.

From left from the top: Ditsy Feline sweater by Style by Juliet – RM92, Colourful mixed sweater by Little Miss Q – RM33, brown cable knit sweater by Panique shop- RM36, … Read More »

Peony Lim, style icon

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Today’s fashion inspiration comes from a very unique beauty. Peony Lim. If you’ve ever watched old art house films, wandered along the cobbled streets of beautiful Paris, it might be fitting to run into Peony, with her knowing gaze, her secret smile and her beautiful curly hair with nary a strand out of place.

Peony’s style is that of a timeless elegance. She could be in a long flowy dress, or a simple jeans and t-shirt, but something will always stand out, be it a statement piece of accessory, or a statement red lip.

Here is Peony’s take on the smart casual, dressed elegantly in a oversized white shirt, her blazer casually draped over her shoulder, boyfriend jeans, and the whole look is held together smartly by sharp black stilettos, her adorable hat and ruby lips.

One of our favourite things about Peony … Read More »


The joys of Spring

What brings us more joy than spring and summer?

One might argue that technically, Malaysia is summer all year round so there’s certainly nothing to...

Embellished sunglasses

One of the biggest trends to be incorporated into Spring Summer this 2013 are embellished sunglasses. While this trend has yet to really make...

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