Jackets for the cold rainy weather

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Teddy bear Ear Jacket – RM39 at JeteDesire

To be totally honest with you, when I saw these jackets, I thought to myself, “My life is complete”. Because every one needs a teddy bear – ear jacket to keep them from the cold. Right?






Owl Sweater for RM 33 at the Bolster store.

The print is super kitschy and easily goes with a pair of skinny jeans, mini shorts, or leggings. And as the model shows, it goes really well over a buttoned-shirt too. Just let the cuffs show.


Baseball jacket for that A game! – for RM 65 at Of Fashion and  Junk

Nautical Jacket for RM38 – Spade Tension

I lreally adore this chic nautical blazer because it would practically go with anything plain, and look uber trendy.


Accessorize away!

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Drop Bell Necklace from Wanna Look Pretty

I have never seen this necklace anywhere else – it’s unique and one of a kind. Not the most easy to match, but it’s meant to stand out like a statement, so go all out! This is the one necklace that every person will go “So nice… where did you get it?”

Robo-Necklace from Jewellized for RM18

This cute little robot necklace is the perfect accessory for that quirky girl who matches her t shirt with her boyfriend’s jeans or that high fashion dress with a pair of Converses

Ballerina Tutu Earrings from Little Maketo – RM25

I love the Little Maketo’s website! They have a real knack for picking unique one-of-a-kind pieces and I know I’ll never bump into another person wearing the same pair of earrings like these super cute ballerinas.

Hot Air Balloon Necklace from Delirious Accessories … Read More »


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