How to prevent makeup from melting

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Malaysia’s hot and humid weather does not always bode well for makeup. More often than not, this results in creases on the eyes and orange sweat from our foundation, and running to the bathroom to do yet another touch up.

To counter this we need to prime our faces properly to ensure that make up stays on for a longer time without melting into nothing in the heat.

Before putting on foundation on the face, it’s best to put on a foundation primer on the skin first. Primers are usually made out of waxes, polymers and silicone which would enable them to bind to makeup so that it lasts longer on the skin.

There are many types of primers in the market. Different skin types need different types of primers whether it be for dry or oily skin,

Tinted primers usually function to even out … Read More »

Top 10 foods that are good for your skin

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Make up can only do so much for your skin and its effects are only temporary. Religiously using the best skincare out there might do wonders for your face but not for your wallet. Rather than only trying to fix your skin from the outside, you should also try nourishing your skin from the inside through these superfoods which are excellent to maintain good and healthy skin.

1. Green tea

Filled with: Antioxidants and anti-aging compounds called polyphenols

Why it’s good:  Green tea is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols that helps to reduce signs of aging and prevents loss of skin elasticity. Green tea also contains a polyphenol compound called EGCG, which reactivates dying skin cells and therefore it is regarded as a “fountain of youth” of sorts.

2. Salmon

Filled with: Omega-3 Fatty acids

Why it’s good: Salmon is rich with healthy fatty acids such as … Read More »

How to make a simple salt scrub for your foot

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Our feet are easily one of the most neglected areas of our body. The skin on our heels are usually rough, thick and dry with calluses and build up of dead skin cells. Pedicures are relatively pricey but we can actually make a simple salt scrub at home to exfoliate our feet and get rid of the build up of dead skin cells leaving out feet soft and nice.

What you’ll need are two important ingredients: salt and oil


Here are the various types of oil you can use for your salt foot scrub.

Olive oil- Olive oil has been used as a skin moisturizer for thousands of years. It can even be used on the face.  Olive oil can be used for all skin types

Jojoba oil – Jojoba oil can help to heal sores and burns on the skin, and is best … Read More »

Reduce inflammation and puffy eyes with a cold mask

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It’s one of those nights. You wake up crying, having only slept three hours. Your face is red, and swollen. The dark circles under your eyes show prominently. Your eye bags are puffy and your eyes are blood shot. You have a meeting in an hour. Just what do you do?

One of the most effective ways to reduce redness and swelling caused by these “emotionally” manifested physical effects on your face is to make a mask out of ice cold water ^.^

This has been the most useful tip given to me. Yup, you have read it right. Just water!

If you do not have a DIY sheet mask (that you can buy in packs of 15 from Watsons for RM5.90), you can use cotton pads as well.

Just soak the mask or cotton pad in a bowl of ice cold water (make … Read More »

Eating healthy as what you eat is what you are

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A healthy diet is just as important as exercising in order to maintain a healthy body. You might run, play sports or go to the gym seven days a week, but if your diet consists permanently of greasy, sugary, fried and processed foods, your body will never be the way you want it to look even with copious amounts of exercise.

The below tips are things that we hear over and over again but we always fail to adhere to them. That’s okay.Today can always be the first day of your new outlook towards a healthier you.

1. Maintain lots of fiber in your diet

Having lots of fiber in your diet will ease digestion and will enable you to have soft, regular bowel  movements, preventing constipation. Fiber also acts like a “scrub” in your intestine and helps to clean out bacteria buildup. … Read More »

Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

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A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous – Coco Chanel

The famous quote by the late great Coco Chanel certainly has a lot to do with our article today! Although rules are always meant to be broken when it comes to fashion, there are certain principles that should always be adhered to when it comes to fashion. Here are ten fashion faux pas that leaves Coco Chanel cringing and the classy fashion police running to arrest you for.

1. Visible panty line

Imagine this. You are wearing a beautiful, sexy, skin tight dress that clings to your every curve. Fellow admirer’s glances look appreciatively onto your fabulous style, until they reach your derriere. They can see the outline of your underwear and probably tell you the exact shape of your bottom. Sometimes they can even tell you what colour your underwear … Read More »

Using extra virgin olive oil in your skin care

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Have you girls ever heard of the benefits of using olive oil in your skin care?

Scientifically, olive oil is full of the good stuff. Extra virgin olive oil, especially, has been scientifically proven to be able to lower inflammatory markers in blood due to its high concentration of polyphenols. In simpler terms, what this all means is that, extra virgin olive oil has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. Other than this, extra virgin olive oil is also know to be good for the heart, and is associated with lower incidences of heart disease when taken regularly. Some compounds in extra virgin olive oil act as natural anti-oxidants  such as vitamin E, beta carotene and hydroxytyrosol which protect the blood vessels from over-reactive harmful oxidants.

We know that extra virgin olive oil is good for us when we consume it regularly. But have you … Read More »

Feel good Friday: Looking good on the inside and outside

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We’ve all heard of the old adage that inner beauty is but a myth. Well, folks. Here are my two cents on it. I believe that outside beauty attracts the attention, but it’s what’s on the inside that maintains the attention.

On Morelook, there are tons of clothes, accessories, beauty and dressing tips that can help you to beautify yourself on the outside. But please remember, it’s very important to also maintain a peace of mind and take care of your inner health.

Too often nowadays, we are bogged down by a million stresses in our lives. There are many factors in our external environment such as our work, our family, friends and loved ones, that can affect our emotional well-being and subsequently, our ability to cope and move forward in our own life.


Here are some tips for you to lead a … Read More »

Online boutique tip: Moving on from a blogspot to a dot com

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In Malaysia, a lot of us are still using a “blog” format as well and our platform of choice is mostly the free blog service offered by “blogspot”. In Singapore, there is a huge community of online boutiques that are using livejournal as a platform to market and sell their products.

However, I have a few opinions and tips to give regarding this format.

I feel that our online boutique community has matured enough to move forward and it is important to keep up with the times in order to maintain, improve and expand your sales to reach out to even more people out there.

There are a few disadvantages to using a blogspot format and here’s why


The number one gripe that many of us here at here feel about the blog format to showcase your clothes is that it … Read More »

Hair tutorial : How to do a simple french braid bun

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Hi girls!

I am really excited for today’s post. I have put together a small tutorial. I do think that the majority of us girls in Malaysia do not have much time to bother about our hairstyles. My hair itself is the same every day, wavy and curly, or in a messy top knot bun when I don’t know what else to do with it. I think possibly the only times where I actually bother would be for a more formal dinner.

However, I do think that there is always room for creativity, and my friend here has shown me that it really does not take long to do a simple, and elegant yet different hair style. I do apologize for the shakiness of the video and the sound of the rain but it is our first video! Hopefully, in future it … Read More »


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How to prevent makeup from melting

Malaysia’s hot and humid weather does not always bode well for makeup. More often than not, this results in creases on the eyes and...