Charlotte Olympia, awesome shoe label

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Charlotte Olympia, awesome shoe label

Charlotte Olympia is pretty synonymous with a touch of quirkiness and cheekiness without being overly done. Her shoes and accessories always provide just the right touch to an entire outfit. Here are four items that have become synonymous with the brand over the years

grey Charlotte Olympia, awesome shoe label


s Web is pretty much her signature shoe, and she had loved the story since she was a kid. The spider web is carefully embroidered onto the flats and is more or less Charlotte Olympia’s trademark

grey Charlotte Olympia, awesome shoe label

Most of Charlotte Olympia’s shoes have a touch of whimsy, and quirkiness, and Kiss Me Dolores isn’t any different. These adorable darlings have lips kitschily detailed on the pointed end of the heel.

grey Charlotte Olympia, awesome shoe label

If Charlotte’s Web are Charlotte Olympia’s trademark heels, these kitty flats are what put Charlotte Olympia on the map. These heels have been worn on the soles of every celebrity and every blogger who’s worth knowing.

grey Charlotte Olympia, awesome shoe label

Her clear Perspex Pandora clutches all have a gorgeous spider clasp, and comes with three different inserts. These are the Diamond Jubilee edition, released in conjunction with the Queen’s Jubilee.

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