Increase blogshop exposure in MORELOOK

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Increase blogshop exposure in MORELOOK

In MORELOOK, we all know that one of the hardest thing for any entrepreneur  is to market their products. Therefore we try very hard to help any entrepreneur on MORELOOK to get their product expose to visitors  and shoppers on our site. However, throughout the operation of MORELOOK we notice many blogshop owners are making the same mistakes on their blogshop which cause a lost in their chances of getting their hand pick item seen by our visitors on MORELOOK.  You can make a differences on your online blogshop by doing it correctly and increasing your chance of getting your item seen by our visitors.  Now, let’s look at some of the mistake we notice and how you can correct it.

Submit a Blogshop

grey Increase blogshop exposure in MORELOOK

In order for your item to be even in MORELOOK, you must submit it to our system for our bot to retrieve. Our bot will then retrieve your items into MORELOOK and showcase to our visitors. By not submitting your blogshop, it will never appear on our website and it is something you won’t want to do.

Manual Submit

grey Increase blogshop exposure in MORELOOK

Another way of getting your item seen is to manually submit on MORELOOK. This has to be done manually but manual work is always more rewarding. Let’s look at how we can improve our chance of getting the items seen on MORELOOK and what are the mistakes made by people.

We seen many people submitting their items on MORELOOK without any description or title. The reason for having these is to increase the chance of your item being search when someone use our search functionality. Assuming you are selling a belt but you left out both description and title and submit into the system. A potential client comes into MORELOOK and search for “belt”, your item will not appear on MORELOOK and this is how you lost a potential customers who might just drop by your website.

Manual submit items also have a higher chance of getting your item shown on EVERY SINGLE page. This ensure that your items have higher chance of getting expose and seen by many. The more you submit, the higher chance of your item getting seen by others without the need to pay a single cent! icon biggrin Increase blogshop exposure in MORELOOK

Posting in bulk

Another mistake made by MANY MANY blogshop owners. Many owners tend to post their items in one articles where our bot will only retrieve the first item it see for each article. Imagine you have 10 items in one article and only 1 items will be shown on MORELOOK! You are missing a lot of potential visitors that you can get from our site!

Bad Title

grey Increase blogshop exposure in MORELOOK
Assuming you have 1 item in 1 article but the title was not clear. It will be difficult for anyone to understand what item you are selling and it will be difficult for people to find your item on MORELOOK since your title is used as a search criteria on MORELOOK. Our bot retrieve not only the image but your title as well so that user can search your item on MORELOOK.

What are you selling?

grey Increase blogshop exposure in MORELOOK
Some post place a irrelevant item as their image as our bot basically just takes the first image it see which really doesn’t help you as an owner to promote your item icon sad Increase blogshop exposure in MORELOOK

Bad Image

grey Increase blogshop exposure in MORELOOK
Another mistake not often in Malaysia Blogshops but very common seen on Singapore Blogshops. Images fail to show on our site is as good as item not being seen. If you are using a free image hosting service, ensure that your image will be there for a long time.

The above mentioned tips also apply to how search engine works such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Getting the above right might just increase your website exposure altogether. Give it a try and you might just see a differences.



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