Nightcap Sunday

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Nightcap Sunday

Here are some things to help you get ready for the week ahead icon smile Nightcap Sunday We have more updates for you! Please do take the time to email us to let us know whether you have updated your boutique. You might end up seeing your clothes being reviewed on here on this website. We also have more exciting posts in store, such as videos and beauty tips and tricks, so do look out for them in the coming days ahead.

grey Nightcap Sundaygrey Nightcap Sunday

grey Nightcap Sunday

grey Nightcap Sunday

See Saw Playground has updated with many lovely clothes. I love the scallop hem top and in the particular the cheerful minty colour. It’s available for RM40. The candy coloured bodycon miniskirt is going for RM43 and the cheerful heartprint top is for RM40. The thigh high slit skirt is my favourite and it is only priced at RM45


grey Nightcap Sundaygrey Nightcap Sundaygrey Nightcap Sunday

PhatCulture has been around for quite some time. And their collection of stick on bras are pretty amazing. If you have ever had a backless dress and stuck around wondering just what sort of undergarment to wear that would be easier for you to show off that sexy back, these stick on bras are the perfect tools for you. They retail at RM59, which is pretty darn affordable for such classy looking bras.

grey Nightcap Sundaygrey Nightcap Sundaygrey Nightcap Sundaygrey Nightcap Sunday

I’ve always admired Milktee’s aesthetic for being clean, simple and elegant. The white overlay dress is RM59, the houndstooth dress is RM79, the denim studded top is RM58 and the red dress is RM55


Hope you had a good weekend.More tomorrow  :)


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