Blogshop tip: Know your trends

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Perhaps the most important thing for a blogshop owner to know, is the very basic rule of knowing what sells. And perhaps the most difficult thing is to differentiate between stocking what you want to see yourself wearing vs stocking what your shoppers want to wear.

Today’s post is just a basic trend watch for the month of November and December.

There is always a trend that follows through and lasts for a few months. Catching the early wave of these trends would probably ensure a healthy income for your blog and a steady stream of traffic. How do you know? Go out more often, read more magazines, visit high street labels, and fashion blogs.

This is just a steady snap shot of what has been trendy recently, perhaps to give the drained out blogshop owner a few ideas of what to look … Read More »

Increase blogshop exposure in MORELOOK

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In MORELOOK, we all know that one of the hardest thing for any entrepreneur  is to market their products. Therefore we try very hard to help any entrepreneur on MORELOOK to get their product expose to visitors  and shoppers on our site. However, throughout the operation of MORELOOK we notice many blogshop owners are making the same mistakes on their blogshop which cause a lost in their chances of getting their hand pick item seen by our visitors on MORELOOK.  You can make a differences on your online blogshop by doing it correctly and increasing your chance of getting your item seen by our visitors.  Now, let’s look at some of the mistake we notice and how you can correct it.

Submit a Blogshop

In order for your item to be even in MORELOOK, you must submit it to our system for our … Read More »

Blogshop tip: Please iron your shirt

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I think it has long been established that appearances are deceiving. Maybe deceiving is a harsh word, but first impressions are rather important. Looking presentable is usually the most important part when attending an interview right?

Perhaps one should treat her blogshop like a job interview. Making your clothes presentable, before taking photos is as easy as ironing each feature piece before taking a photograph of it.

Sure, it takes major effort, and if there is a hundred articles to snap, it becomes a chore. But effort always pays off. As both a shopper and a seller, I find myself gravitating towards blogshops which has nicer photos and nicer looking outfits.

And perhaps the only difference is that the seller bothered to iron her clothes before putting up all those pictures online.

Today’s post is just a little feature of blogshops who have pretty … Read More »