Vivi inspired cat hat

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These kitty hats are all the rage lately ever since they appeared in Vivi magazines in Japan. We understand though. Who could resist them! They are so cute!

Even though they are perfect for fall, you can wear them too as a fashion statement in Malaysia. We went out and bought a hat for er… testing purposes from Oh Temptations, a boutique that is really filled up with many other irresistible items!

We bought the a red devil’s ear cap for RM45. The only downside is that the website is pre-order so you have to wait two weeks after each batch for your items to arrive. But is the wait worth it?

Yes it is! The hat is very good quality, and it is made of wool felt. As you can see, the hat arrived without any dents of bents in the shape and was … Read More »

Handbags made out of real human hair

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This was certainly a shock to our system. Korean designer Tae Seok Kang has designed and made these handbags made out of human hair.

His collection, dubbed “Sexual Humorous” is said to explore the narratives of the sexual human body ranging from the subtle to the extreme.

Whatever it is, we think that the bags look both really cool and grotesque at the same time.


What do you think? Would you wear these bags out?


Sea Bracelet Giveaway

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This one of a kind bracelet would add a pop of colour to any outfit, and it kind of fits the raining theme that we have going on currently on our shores

Morelook proudly brings you A FASHION STORY X MORELOOK bracelet giveaway.

A Fashion Story also updates very frequently and has tons of fabulous accessories up for sale, so make sure to pay their website a little visit In fact, they have up to 2000 items in their store for your viewing pleasure, so you can actually get carried away and spend hours in there picking and selecting your favourite pieces! If you realize, the neon trend is going on really strongly now, and they have tons of cool neon jewelry for sale currently in their website

Today you stand a chance to own a very special bracelet, … Read More »


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