Bought cheongsams in Malaysia

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Bought cheongsams in Malaysia

After September, it is normally wedding season. Or maybe it is just me. Anyway, some of these wedding themes and dress codes especially for the Chinese community in Malaysia, can come in the form of “Shanghai Night”. That is in fact, one of the themes being explored by one of my friends for her upcoming nuptials, and in a panic, I had to secure a cheongsam for the dinner.

Shopping for a cheongsam is really no easy feat in Malaysia. The ones that are sold in brick and mortar shops, or specialty cheongsam shops, can be ridiculously pricey. Don’t get me wrong though. The quality of the cheongsams being sold at the specialty Chinese costume shops can be of great quality and workmanship.

However, the problem is that cheongsams are more of a “one off” dress for me. I am not going to wear it repeatedly, perhaps only once or twice a year. So for me to pay up to RM500 for a dress that I might not wear that often is a little too much for me to fork out.

Thus, I resorted to our trusty online boutiques which I had managed to secure on, to look for an affordable cheongsam. This is how I found Beauty Myth ^^

I bought a couple of cheongsams from Beauty Myth, two for my aunt, one for my mom and one for myself. There is actually a wide variety of cheongsams being sold on their website

grey Bought cheongsams in Malaysia

Here is an upclose view of the cheongsam that I had purchased

grey Bought cheongsams in Malaysia

As you can see, it is a beautiful, slightly shimmery violet cheongsam with a lining and a lace overlay. I had bought it for RM66 (this one is in pink, the purple one is now sold out) I was surprised to see that it was of so good quality, to be honest.

I had been to a couple of physical stores, and had found their cheongsam to be of poorer quality, but priced at a more expensive fee compared to what I had paid for this violet dress.

I bought this at an S size, and it fits me perfectly ^.^

grey Bought cheongsams in Malaysia

And here’s the side view where you can see the slit

grey Bought cheongsams in Malaysia

One of the dresses that I had bought had a defect, so Beauty Myth contacted me ahead of time before they shipped and asked me to pick another dress as a token of apology. They even gave me a free pearl necklace as a gift.

So I do think that it’s a good shopping experience buying the cheongsams from them. ^.^ I am super happy with my purchase, and  I think it is great value for money.


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