Brown bags!

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Brown bags!

The word of the day is “brown bag!” I typed out those words into the Morelook search function to see what I would get, and here’s just a few pretties that caught my eye. It’s starting to be a very very easy tool to use. Imagine you are looking for that perfect little black dress, all you have to do is type in those exact words in Morelook’s search bar. Folks, as such, we really encourage you to be as descriptive as possible in your titles of the items that you are selling. When our bot retrieves those items, it makes it easier for shoppers to look for what they want.

Without further ado, here are 3 of the brown beauties that made me want to fish out my wallet.

Faux-leather brown sling bag ala Topshop from Glamfos – RM40

grey Brown bags!

I loved the intricate buckle on the bag and the pretty little details on it. It suits the current heritage trend going round recently, and it’s easy to match.

Brown satchel from Daily Boutique – RM55

grey Brown bags!

I’ve always wanted a medium sized roomy satchel , and in a nice brown colour. This would do just prettily, don’t you think?

Glossy Amor - RM80

grey Brown bags!

This is a slightly smaller mini satchel, almost the same size as the sling bag at the top of this post, and it’s slightly more expensive, but the quality looks better in the photo. I think the brown is the prettiest colour, some how.

I’ve been abusing the word pretty today, haven’t I?

Have fun shopping kids!

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