Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshine

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Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshine

I know we are getting ready for a few months of rain, and cold, and gloom. It does not have to be all bad though. During a thunderstorm, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a good book and a warm cup of coffee. We have the perfect outfits for you today to coordinate your look with the slightly chilly weather.

grey Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshine

October Origin has updated with a variety of warm jumpers and coats. Some of these are easily adaptable to slightly warmer climates. Just pair the jumper up with a pair of shorts and flats for a good contrast. I love the cable knit jumper here (perfect for the mall and the cinema and for snuggling  up to a loved one icon razz Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshine ) and the bejeweled army jacket is pretty versatile and edgy as well.

I think what is important that even though Malaysia is a pretty hot country, it is still possible for us to incorporate some fall winter trends into our wardrobe like the rest of the world. I am not saying to go all out in boots and a thick fur jacket when it is 30 degrees Celcius out, but certain elements are adaptable such as the colour palette (rich jewel tones are always popular during fall), layering thick with thin textures, and throwing on a slouchy jumper over a short skirt or shorts.

We also have the benefit of turning east, and looking to our Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese counterparts for inspiration icon smile Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshine

grey Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshine

I love the casual long dress from Loveheart E House. You can easily dress it up, with more formal heels and jewelry, or dress it down like the model above. It’s only priced at RM38.

grey Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshine

I have to admit, the image above desperately makes me want to go out RIGHT NOW and look hot LIKE THAT too. Exactly like that. Those are just suggestions though, and they are great tips on how to style a simple piece of clothing such as a buttoned white shirt. Although I have to admit that I would love to get my hands on her red jacket more than anything, the white buttoned shirt is going for RM38

grey Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshinegrey Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshinegrey Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshine

These three pieces from Dress Forever are really what I like and would incorporate into my wardrobe. The first is a twist on the simple black casual dress, with an extra netting detail for RM40. I’ve also always had an affinity towards blazers and the robin egg blue blazer is just the right shade that tickles my fancy. It’s only priced at RM40 which is really a steal in my opinion. The high low chiffon dress is a flirty and fun dress that I can see myself wearing during the weekends, or at work with an added blazer. RM32

grey Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshine

For something a little more anticipatory, these fun filled colourful pieces will be launched on October 15, from an up and coming online boutique Cherry Popcorns at 9pm. So do hang on to your seats girls icon smile Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshine


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