The joys of Spring

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What brings us more joy than spring and summer?

One might argue that technically, Malaysia is summer all year round so there’s certainly nothing to be joyful about what with this heatwave making us sweat the minute we exit our showers. But the stores dictate that there are four seasons a year, dressing their windows with plush velvet and sequins in “winter” and skimpy neon tank tops in the “summer” , regardless whether or not we are in a tropical country smack near the equator.

So when spring and summer does come around – in the stores that is- we rejoice, because finally we get to buy clothes that we could actually wear.

Here are a few lovely looks that we have found which screams spring of ’13 to us

Aimee Song of style blog Song of Style in a lovely palm print short suit … Read More »

Where to buy and rent wedding gowns in Malaysia

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Nestled on the second floor at the corner of Sunway Giza Mall lies Belles & Tuxes, a rather special occasion kind of store. When you walk in, you are greeted with a gorgeous aquamarine wedding gown, with intricate red rosettes sewn at the bust.

Its beautiful owner, Charmaine Wong describes her store as a one stop wedding and special occasion wear boutique.

Having previously been in the bridal industry as a wholesale and manufacturer of wedding gowns, Belles and Tuxes have decided to venture into retail and have opened their doors since September 2011. If we must say, they have done a rather fine job.

According to Charmaine, it has become rather difficult to look for dinner dresses or gowns that are appropriate to wear out to more formal dinners and occasions and this is especially true for relatives and close friends of … Read More »

Where to buy peplum dresses in Malaysia

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Peplums are a raging trend currently. It’s really no wonder why though. The added panel around the waist does a wonderful job of adding curves to skinny people, and hides hips for curvier women who are a little insecure. All in all, they do a great job of creating the womanly silhouette.

Peplum & Pencil by hmlife featuring genuine leather handbags

#314. Nearing the end of Summer days. by halee-dear featuring leather shoes

luck: preparation+opportunity by kyliethefashionnerd featuring a peplum skirt

Here are some of the peplum trends that we’ve spotted around our shores


Clockwise, from left: Black Lace Peplum top – RM49 from Collars and Colours, Lace Peplum Top (many colours available) -RM42 from Le Colpine, Miss Poppy Peplum Dress -RM59 from Attire’s Attic, Miss Danielle Short Sleeves Peplum top – RM35 from Attire’s Attic

Clockwise from left: Miss Florence Lace Peplum Top – RM49 from … Read More »

Bought cheongsams in Malaysia

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After September, it is normally wedding season. Or maybe it is just me. Anyway, some of these wedding themes and dress codes especially for the Chinese community in Malaysia, can come in the form of “Shanghai Night”. That is in fact, one of the themes being explored by one of my friends for her upcoming nuptials, and in a panic, I had to secure a cheongsam for the dinner.

Shopping for a cheongsam is really no easy feat in Malaysia. The ones that are sold in brick and mortar shops, or specialty cheongsam shops, can be ridiculously pricey. Don’t get me wrong though. The quality of the cheongsams being sold at the specialty Chinese costume shops can be of great quality and workmanship.

However, the problem is that cheongsams are more of a “one off” dress for me. I am not going … Read More »

Review Thursday: Prom dress ideas

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It’s the end of the year so prom season and annual dinners are here. Here are some great dress up ideas in order for you to look great on your big night

1. Staying safe on the black side

Black doesn’t have to be boring and this black number, with a little sheer sexy detail at the back is perfect! Just add some formal jewelry, and do up your hair and you will look great. This is RM49.90 from Little Miss Q

This black tube gown from Beauty Myth is selling at only RM60

Bandage Mermaid Long Tail Dress from Arrogant Minnie – RM129, Classic Black dinner gown also from Arrogant Minnie – RM328


2. Go bright

These maxi dresses with bright cheerful colours might just be the dress to need to make THAT statement at your dinner. Keep your makeup simple, and let your dress … Read More »

Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshine

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I know we are getting ready for a few months of rain, and cold, and gloom. It does not have to be all bad though. During a thunderstorm, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a good book and a warm cup of coffee. We have the perfect outfits for you today to coordinate your look with the slightly chilly weather.

October Origin has updated with a variety of warm jumpers and coats. Some of these are easily adaptable to slightly warmer climates. Just pair the jumper up with a pair of shorts and flats for a good contrast. I love the cable knit jumper here (perfect for the mall and the cinema and for snuggling  up to a loved one ) and the bejeweled army jacket is pretty versatile and edgy as well.

I think what is important that even … Read More »

TGIF! Shop for Friday!

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Thank goodness for Friday. Are you ready for the weekend girls? To prep you ahead for the coming days, we have a delectable spread of clothes for your shopping pleasure today.

Like Igloo has updated with a variety of tops for easy mix and match. They give great dressing suggestions on how to dress up or dress down a simple piece such as a basic tank top. Prices range start from RM36.

Lovol has also updated with a variety of dresses in great colours! I love the sunny blue and mustard peplum dresses especially and I can definitely see myself wearing that out for brunch or tea with the girls. Both of the dresses are priced at only RM68. The minty green dress and ribbon red dress are also really pretty frocks and also priced at RM68. Do take a look at their … Read More »

Fancy Wednesday Date: Get dressed and look fab!

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I’m in the mood for a romantic Wednesday evening. Are you? Since it’s raining, just imagine. Dinner with your loved one huddled over pasta and sharing sweet nothings under a dim light. Be sure to look your best, and we have the perfect clothes for you for your date tonight.

Stardust Rays has a fantastic array of clothes for your pick. For your date, we have a sexy black mini dress (from clockwise) which is only RM39.90, a beautiful maxi cream dress which is RM 48, a printed tube dress at RM53, and a short red dress with a small bare back for RM39


There’s also another lovely boutique with many great dresses! Clothes for Chics has a lot of easy, wearable and romantic pieces for sale.

The flirty dress with the butterfly prints is one of my favorites in the … Read More »

Chic, Sleek and Sharp Tuesday

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There’s honestly no greater confidence booster than looking great When you look great, you stand up taller, and you will eventually smile more, and your day eventually becomes better. Take each moment as it comes, and always strive to be a better person, inside and out.

Enough pep talk and on with the fashion!

I have a couple of boutiques which I have just newly discovered which I would really love to share with you today.

Booba Pop has really trendy and sleek clothes that are affordable and when I look at their clothes, the words, ease, chic, easy and simple comes to mind.

Zara inspired skirt for RM50

Tiered top – RM55

Sequin shorts RM75

Polka dot simple dress RM70

For a boutique that is probably not as well known yet, this is a hidden gem I think

The next boutique that I discovered … Read More »

Nightcap Sunday

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Here are some things to help you get ready for the week ahead We have more updates for you! Please do take the time to email us to let us know whether you have updated your boutique. You might end up seeing your clothes being reviewed on here on this website. We also have more exciting posts in store, such as videos and beauty tips and tricks, so do look out for them in the coming days ahead.

See Saw Playground has updated with many lovely clothes. I love the scallop hem top and in the particular the cheerful minty colour. It’s available for RM40. The candy coloured bodycon miniskirt is going for RM43 and the cheerful heartprint top is for RM40. The thigh high slit skirt is my favourite and it is only priced at RM45


PhatCulture has been … Read More »


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