Roxanne Blue Bag Giveaway by Sometime

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Today Morelook is proud and honoured to present to you Sometime, a platform that endorses, produces and promotes handbags designed by talented Asian designers.

Whilst local bag brands have always been in the foray of our retail industry and spearheaded by retail giants such as Aeon, and Parkson, these bags have a higher price due to various overhead costs and third party mark ups. As a result, these bags can cost RM200 and above at retail price. So-called “designer” handbags are priced even higher, and often out of reach of the general public who need to monitor their wallets carefully.

Sometime is different. They design, produce, endorse, promote and sell their bags reducing third party intervention and overhead costs, thereby ensuring the quality and aesthetics of their bags yet maintaining a competitive retail price. Their bags start from only RM69 up to … Read More »

Spiky Cap Giveaway

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This photo went viral on our Facebook page when we posted it up about a month ago

In fact, it was actually a real product that was on sale at My Dresshanger!

My Dresshanger also sell a wide variety of dresses, shirts and accessories but to be honest, we were more entranced with their unique range of accessories that is pretty much hard to find in and around the online boutique-sphere in this country.

These fabulous tattoo stockings retail for RM19 only

One of their most popular items are also filled with studs and it is none other than the All-around Spiky cap!

The cap is selling for RM69 but guess what?


All you have to do to win this super trendy spiky cap is to :

1.Go to our Facebook page, like our page (If you have already … Read More »

Sweetheart Neckline Halter Dress Giveaway

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Today’s collaboration is proudly brought to you by Whitesoot X MORELOOK

Whitesoot can be considered a veteran of the Malaysian online boutique sphere, selling trendy clothes at affordable prices and of supreme quality.

The clothes that are for sale on their website is always something a little different from clothes that are sold elsewhere. The best thing is, their website UPDATES EVERYDAY from Sunday to Thursday. This is brilliant (or devastating, depending on your wallet ^^) for shopaholics out there.

The layout of the website is clean and simple, making it very easy and convenient for us armchair shoppers out there.

Delivery charges are pretty affordable, ranging from RM6.50  for apparel and accessories to RM9 for bags and shoes in Peninsular Malaysia and RM9 for apparel and accessories to RM11 for bags and shoes in East Malaysia. Subsequent items only cost an additional … Read More »

Sea Bracelet Giveaway

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This one of a kind bracelet would add a pop of colour to any outfit, and it kind of fits the raining theme that we have going on currently on our shores

Morelook proudly brings you A FASHION STORY X MORELOOK bracelet giveaway.

A Fashion Story also updates very frequently and has tons of fabulous accessories up for sale, so make sure to pay their website a little visit In fact, they have up to 2000 items in their store for your viewing pleasure, so you can actually get carried away and spend hours in there picking and selecting your favourite pieces! If you realize, the neon trend is going on really strongly now, and they have tons of cool neon jewelry for sale currently in their website

Today you stand a chance to own a very special bracelet, … Read More »

Ava Mini Dress Giveaway

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We are so pleased to bring you this fabulous piece from Eve&Ava, an up and coming boutique that’s ticking all the right boxes in terms of fashion.

The items in Eve&Ava are all lovingly handpicked, and of sublime quality. Eve & Ava has two very distinct styles which the owners of the boutique have smartly categorized. Eve is the modern, glamorous working woman who might stop by after work at a swanky bar for a drink or two with girlfriends. Ava is her younger sister who is quirkier, flirtier and dresses up in a vintage dress on a Sunday or two because she feels like it.

Eve apparel

Ava apparel

Eve & Ava Accessories

There are also plans to have their very own label in the future, and perhaps their own showroom where shoppers can come and get a feel of the clothes if they … Read More »

Anna Summer Dress Giveaway

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Today’s giveaway is brought to you via a collaboration with MORELOOK X VICNITY. Vicnity burst onto the boutique scene back in March of this year, and has since been featured in a prominent number of local magazines and tv programmes.

Their website has a nice clean layout, making it very easy to shop. Being a full shopping site equipped with a cart, all you have to do is to select the items you want and drop it into your cart. It is that easy! You can also send out items as gifts via your account, and create and cancel orders easily with the help of just a few buttons. Minimal hassle, and a full convenience of shopping at the touch of a mouse.

Most of Vicnity’s clothes are ridiculously affordable. Many of their dresses go for as low as RM40 and are … Read More »

L.O.V.E Ring Giveaway

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Today’s exciting giveaway is with a collaboration of MORELOOK X A FASHION STORY

A Fashion Story has been around for a long time, and is currently one of THE places to go to when looking for shiny gems and funky Korean accessories to go with your outfit ^.^ They have around 2000 ready stocks in their site for sale. That’s a HUGE variety to choose from and slowly browse through. Most of their accessories are actually under RM20, and they also offer wholesale prices as well which you get a 35% discount if you shop more than RM385 in a sitting.

Today, you can stand a chance to win their L.O.V.E ring!

Here is a closer look at the ring.

All you have to do to win this fabulous ring is

1.Go to our Facebook page, like our page

2. like and share this post (we would … Read More »

Butterfly Babydoll Dress Giveaway

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Are you ready? It’s our weekly Wednesday Giveaway! Today, Morelook has gone down the romantic lane and is presenting to you this beautiful flower print dress with butterfly (flutterby? ) sleeves and a babydoll cut.

Here is a closer look at this gorgeous piece of art

Where would you envision yourself wearing this dress?

As for us, we think it’s best saved for that perfect romantic evening, having a picnic under the tree, and sipping wine with a loved one while reading a book. Ah, isn’t that the perfect setting?

The dress is 81cm long, and fits an S-M size person The bust line is adjustable and comes with a lining inside.

You can win this dress! Here’s how:

All you have to do to make this dress yours is go to our Facebook page, like our page, and then like and share this … Read More »


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Roxanne Blue Bag Giveaway by Sometime

Today Morelook is proud and honoured to present to you Sometime, a platform that endorses, produces and promotes handbags designed by talented Asian designers.


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