Online boutique tip: Moving on from a blogspot to a dot com

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In Malaysia, a lot of us are still using a “blog” format as well and our platform of choice is mostly the free blog service offered by “blogspot”. In Singapore, there is a huge community of online boutiques that are using livejournal as a platform to market and sell their products.

However, I have a few opinions and tips to give regarding this format.

I feel that our online boutique community has matured enough to move forward and it is important to keep up with the times in order to maintain, improve and expand your sales to reach out to even more people out there.

There are a few disadvantages to using a blogspot format and here’s why


The number one gripe that many of us here at here feel about the blog format to showcase your clothes is that it … Read More »

Flower power

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Sorry for the hiatus, but there should hopefully be more regular updates from now on!

I really like the way the top is so delicate, feminine and romantic It’s also available in soft pink and brown shades at Clothes for Chics at only RM 48. A couple of other quirky items that caught my eye were the floral blazer – RM73 (chic!) and the floral pants – RM40. Don’t wear them together! But as separate pieces with clean simple tops, they are really lovely.



RM 58

Wedding season is here! And what a lovely way to show up for dinner in a dainty little cheong sam? I LOVE these inexpensive dresses. Trust me, you can never find those dresses for that cheap in a boutique in KL. It’s almost always a couple of hundred ringgit. These are definitely a bargain.

I love … Read More »


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If you have noticed that some entries grabbed by our bot has the wrong pricing, we are aware of such things happening and we are working hard to correct it. For all independent platforms (.com/.my/.etc), the bot should be quite stable now unless there are some other criteria we did not foresee so rest  assured we are working hard to promote your item on morelook market place.

For .blogspot users, you will notice that the prices are rarely wrong but some articles posted on Morelook are missing the price label or wrongly labeled in the thousands when the price in the article clearly states that it is much lesser than that. We are working on that at the moment.

For .livejournal users, this is a difficult task as many clothing entries are placed on 1 article so the bot is not that … Read More »

Increase blogshop exposure in MORELOOK

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In MORELOOK, we all know that one of the hardest thing for any entrepreneur  is to market their products. Therefore we try very hard to help any entrepreneur on MORELOOK to get their product expose to visitors  and shoppers on our site. However, throughout the operation of MORELOOK we notice many blogshop owners are making the same mistakes on their blogshop which cause a lost in their chances of getting their hand pick item seen by our visitors on MORELOOK.  You can make a differences on your online blogshop by doing it correctly and increasing your chance of getting your item seen by our visitors.  Now, let’s look at some of the mistake we notice and how you can correct it.

Submit a Blogshop

In order for your item to be even in MORELOOK, you must submit it to our system for our … Read More »


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