Top 10 foods that are good for your skin

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Make up can only do so much for your skin and its effects are only temporary. Religiously using the best skincare out there might do wonders for your face but not for your wallet. Rather than only trying to fix your skin from the outside, you should also try nourishing your skin from the inside through these superfoods which are excellent to maintain good and healthy skin.

1. Green tea

Filled with: Antioxidants and anti-aging compounds called polyphenols

Why it’s good:  Green tea is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols that helps to reduce signs of aging and prevents loss of skin elasticity. Green tea also contains a polyphenol compound called EGCG, which reactivates dying skin cells and therefore it is regarded as a “fountain of youth” of sorts.

2. Salmon

Filled with: Omega-3 Fatty acids

Why it’s good: Salmon is rich with healthy fatty acids such as … Read More »

Add More Look to your interest list, and never miss a Giveaway Event!

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Some of you may already be aware of this latest Facebook rules about the Fans page(“LIKE” page).

Facebook now requires page admins to pay to promote their updates/news if we want our messages to be seen by our fans. If we do not pay to promote our posts, probably less than 20% of our fans are able to receive the updates on their Facebook home page feed instantly. This is horrible as this means that the bulk of you would not be able to receive news of our exciting Wednesday Giveaway where you can stand a chance to win freebies every week. You would also miss out on the latest news and updates on fashion and other interesting tidbits from Morelook.

To keep RECEIVING ALL POSTS FROM us with the LATEST UPDATES, do click the “Like” button HERE by following the steps below :-

Step … Read More »

How to dress for Fall 2012 in a tropical country

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We are blessed (or cursed, depending how you look at things) with brilliant sunshine all year round. However, we still follow overseas’ trends closely as fashion changes every quarter to welcome the new season. Since it’s fall now, but it is not like we can walk around in fur coats and trench coats, here are some ways to adapt the fall trend into our wardrobe in sunny Malaysia.

1. Loose slouchy sweaters

To avoid looking like you just stepped off a plane from Europe, and also simmering in our very hot country, make sure your sweaters are breathable, meshy, and not too thick, or pair it with shorts for a nice contrast.

From left from the top: Ditsy Feline sweater by Style by Juliet – RM92, Colourful mixed sweater by Little Miss Q – RM33, brown cable knit sweater by Panique shop- RM36, … Read More »

Eating healthy as what you eat is what you are

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A healthy diet is just as important as exercising in order to maintain a healthy body. You might run, play sports or go to the gym seven days a week, but if your diet consists permanently of greasy, sugary, fried and processed foods, your body will never be the way you want it to look even with copious amounts of exercise.

The below tips are things that we hear over and over again but we always fail to adhere to them. That’s okay.Today can always be the first day of your new outlook towards a healthier you.

1. Maintain lots of fiber in your diet

Having lots of fiber in your diet will ease digestion and will enable you to have soft, regular bowel  movements, preventing constipation. Fiber also acts like a “scrub” in your intestine and helps to clean out bacteria buildup. … Read More »

Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

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A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous – Coco Chanel

The famous quote by the late great Coco Chanel certainly has a lot to do with our article today! Although rules are always meant to be broken when it comes to fashion, there are certain principles that should always be adhered to when it comes to fashion. Here are ten fashion faux pas that leaves Coco Chanel cringing and the classy fashion police running to arrest you for.

1. Visible panty line

Imagine this. You are wearing a beautiful, sexy, skin tight dress that clings to your every curve. Fellow admirer’s glances look appreciatively onto your fabulous style, until they reach your derriere. They can see the outline of your underwear and probably tell you the exact shape of your bottom. Sometimes they can even tell you what colour your underwear … Read More »

Online boutique tip: Moving on from a blogspot to a dot com

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In Malaysia, a lot of us are still using a “blog” format as well and our platform of choice is mostly the free blog service offered by “blogspot”. In Singapore, there is a huge community of online boutiques that are using livejournal as a platform to market and sell their products.

However, I have a few opinions and tips to give regarding this format.

I feel that our online boutique community has matured enough to move forward and it is important to keep up with the times in order to maintain, improve and expand your sales to reach out to even more people out there.

There are a few disadvantages to using a blogspot format and here’s why


The number one gripe that many of us here at here feel about the blog format to showcase your clothes is that it … Read More »

Fashion inspiration Tuesday: Liu Wen

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Liu Wen has been my inspiration for quite some time. She is a Chinese fashion model and was born on January 27, 1988. I don’t quite know what to make of her, but I fell in love with her face; her strong features, her high cheekbones, her lovely almond shaped eyes and her rosebud lips. She is also the first model of Chinese descent to walk for Victoria Secret.

When being styled by fashion couture houses and walking for them, Liu Wen is so versatile. She does romantic so effortlessly but at the same time, she can also rock the androgynous look, before switching to minimalism with nary a twitch of effort. It is no wonder the fashion houses adore her.


Her street style is even more fashionable and she is always treading on the borders of cool. Liu Wen always has … Read More »

Tip of the day: Always have a white shirt at bay

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Here’s my tip of the day: Always have a white shirt at bay. I have a faint weakness for white shirts and to date, I have about 8 in my closet. Why a white shirt? A plain white shirt is the best thing that you can possibly have in your wardrobe, and possibly the most important. You can easily dress it up or down depending on the occasion and layer it with tons of other pieces that you have. The possibilities are endless!

From left, clockwise:

1. There’s nothing sexier than a simple jeans cut off with a white tee. You can ensure that your white shirt is a little off shoulder and slouchy by buying a slightly oversized one like the one above and then pairing it with a more structured short. Another alternative is to wear a more fitted white … Read More »

Body image and how to feel good about yourself

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Hi girls

Today I would just like to speak a little bit about body image. Most of us suffer from insecurities about our own body. We want bigger eyes, a sharper nose, less fat on our thighs, a six pack, and more boobs.

I think the key to feeling good about yourself and your body is to know that you are doing the best you can in terms of what you can control, to minimize the insecurities that stems from the parts which you cannot control beyond massive medical intervention such as plastic surgery. For example, fat always gathers on my butt, thighs and stomach, and I have small boobs. I always wish out loud that I can somehow transfer fat from my butt to my boobs. Genetics and science indicates that this will never happen. So why continue wishing? What I … Read More »

Blogshop tip: Make sure your shoppers know what you are selling

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Today’s tip is a common problem which I have seen in many blogshops. Many a time, if the shop is selling both the top and bottom which is modelled by the muse, they forget to mention exactly what is being sold. In the same post, they simply say RM40, and neglect to say whether the top or the bottom is selling for RM40.

Here’s an example.

If I post this up on my blogshop, and I give my clothing a name (let’s say Dana), and I say “Dana for only RM40″ or I talk about the measurements and sizes available and end it with a “RM40″, your shopper will go “Huh? Is she selling the top or the bottom?”

Ladies, please remember to either

a) make sure that your title or clothing name has the name of the article of clothing in it (e.g. … Read More »


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