Where to buy peplum dresses in Malaysia

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Peplums are a raging trend currently. It’s really no wonder why though. The added panel around the waist does a wonderful job of adding curves to skinny people, and hides hips for curvier women who are a little insecure. All in all, they do a great job of creating the womanly silhouette.

Peplum & Pencil by hmlife featuring genuine leather handbags

#314. Nearing the end of Summer days. by halee-dear featuring leather shoes

luck: preparation+opportunity by kyliethefashionnerd featuring a peplum skirt

Here are some of the peplum trends that we’ve spotted around our shores


Clockwise, from left: Black Lace Peplum top – RM49 from Collars and Colours, Lace Peplum Top (many colours available) -RM42 from Le Colpine, Miss Poppy Peplum Dress -RM59 from Attire’s Attic, Miss Danielle Short Sleeves Peplum top – RM35 from Attire’s Attic

Clockwise from left: Miss Florence Lace Peplum Top – RM49 from … Read More »

Where to find bustier tops in Malaysia

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Bustier tops are an awesome, trendy way of showing your flat and toned stomach They are also tremendously fun and flirty at the same time. Since they would be in trend for the next few seasons (we have spotted tons of bare midriffs on the Spring Summer runways of 2013), we have here dozens of bustier and crop tops for sale from our awesome boutiques in Malaysia for your shopping pleasure

Clockwise, from left to right: Polka dotted bustier top – RM47 from Shoplights, Black cutout bustier top from Kaleidoscope Sundays – RM64, Scalloped bustier from Azorias – RM99, Denim bustier top from Cat in the Bowl – RM50

Clockwise, from left to right: Floral bustier from A Spoonful of Clothes (more colours available!) – RM42, Peplum bustier from Room 8008 (more colours available!) – RM59, Tandy bustier from A … Read More »

Tip of the day: Always have a white shirt at bay

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Here’s my tip of the day: Always have a white shirt at bay. I have a faint weakness for white shirts and to date, I have about 8 in my closet. Why a white shirt? A plain white shirt is the best thing that you can possibly have in your wardrobe, and possibly the most important. You can easily dress it up or down depending on the occasion and layer it with tons of other pieces that you have. The possibilities are endless!

From left, clockwise:

1. There’s nothing sexier than a simple jeans cut off with a white tee. You can ensure that your white shirt is a little off shoulder and slouchy by buying a slightly oversized one like the one above and then pairing it with a more structured short. Another alternative is to wear a more fitted white … Read More »

Gloomy Saturday: Force out the sunshine

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I know we are getting ready for a few months of rain, and cold, and gloom. It does not have to be all bad though. During a thunderstorm, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a good book and a warm cup of coffee. We have the perfect outfits for you today to coordinate your look with the slightly chilly weather.

October Origin has updated with a variety of warm jumpers and coats. Some of these are easily adaptable to slightly warmer climates. Just pair the jumper up with a pair of shorts and flats for a good contrast. I love the cable knit jumper here (perfect for the mall and the cinema and for snuggling  up to a loved one ) and the bejeweled army jacket is pretty versatile and edgy as well.

I think what is important that even … Read More »

TGIF! Shop for Friday!

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Thank goodness for Friday. Are you ready for the weekend girls? To prep you ahead for the coming days, we have a delectable spread of clothes for your shopping pleasure today.

Like Igloo has updated with a variety of tops for easy mix and match. They give great dressing suggestions on how to dress up or dress down a simple piece such as a basic tank top. Prices range start from RM36.

Lovol has also updated with a variety of dresses in great colours! I love the sunny blue and mustard peplum dresses especially and I can definitely see myself wearing that out for brunch or tea with the girls. Both of the dresses are priced at only RM68. The minty green dress and ribbon red dress are also really pretty frocks and also priced at RM68. Do take a look at their … Read More »

Chic, Sleek and Sharp Tuesday

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There’s honestly no greater confidence booster than looking great When you look great, you stand up taller, and you will eventually smile more, and your day eventually becomes better. Take each moment as it comes, and always strive to be a better person, inside and out.

Enough pep talk and on with the fashion!

I have a couple of boutiques which I have just newly discovered which I would really love to share with you today.

Booba Pop has really trendy and sleek clothes that are affordable and when I look at their clothes, the words, ease, chic, easy and simple comes to mind.

Zara inspired skirt for RM50

Tiered top – RM55

Sequin shorts RM75

Polka dot simple dress RM70

For a boutique that is probably not as well known yet, this is a hidden gem I think

The next boutique that I discovered … Read More »

Magic Monday: Accessorize yourself

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Whenever I wear a simple outfit, I like to jazz up my outfit with some jewelry to brighten up my overall look. Actually, to elaborate a little bit more, I am a horrible sucker for jewelry of all kinds. Gold, silver, delicate or chunky, I own almost every representative of description of jewelry. Here are some of the pieces that inspire me, and make me want to have a little fun with my outfit.

The Cherry Thingy is a cute and kitschy boutique that caught my eye. Apart from creative tutorials such as nail art (which by the way, are totally trendy right now) and beauty tips, they sell really cute clothes and accessories too. The only slight complaint I have is the rather messy layout of the site but their images are really beautiful, go take a look!

Gorgeous lace top … Read More »

Nightcap Sunday

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Here are some things to help you get ready for the week ahead We have more updates for you! Please do take the time to email us to let us know whether you have updated your boutique. You might end up seeing your clothes being reviewed on here on this website. We also have more exciting posts in store, such as videos and beauty tips and tricks, so do look out for them in the coming days ahead.

See Saw Playground has updated with many lovely clothes. I love the scallop hem top and in the particular the cheerful minty colour. It’s available for RM40. The candy coloured bodycon miniskirt is going for RM43 and the cheerful heartprint top is for RM40. The thigh high slit skirt is my favourite and it is only priced at RM45


PhatCulture has been … Read More »

Breezy weekend clothes

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I love weekends. Don’t you too? Sipping tea, having brunch, walking the dog, and talking the steps to unwind from a stressful week. However, do not neglect your wardrobe! It is just as therapeutic and fun to slip into fun pieces during the weekend that you otherwise are not able to wear during work.

Love the bustier from A Spoonful of Clothes for RM45. It’s cute, it’s sexy and it’s fun!

The sunflower top is another piece that I really like also priced at RM45

Love the simple crochet dress from Duo C Gallery for RM55 and the printed dress for RM59

Something a little more formal perhaps? This gorgeous Herve Leger piece from Summer 92 is retailing for RM200

I also love this sexy red number as worn by Miranda Kerr retailing for RM250

Have a good weekend folks !



Flower power

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Sorry for the hiatus, but there should hopefully be more regular updates from now on!

I really like the way the top is so delicate, feminine and romantic It’s also available in soft pink and brown shades at Clothes for Chics at only RM 48. A couple of other quirky items that caught my eye were the floral blazer – RM73 (chic!) and the floral pants – RM40. Don’t wear them together! But as separate pieces with clean simple tops, they are really lovely.



RM 58

Wedding season is here! And what a lovely way to show up for dinner in a dainty little cheong sam? I LOVE these inexpensive dresses. Trust me, you can never find those dresses for that cheap in a boutique in KL. It’s almost always a couple of hundred ringgit. These are definitely a bargain.

I love … Read More »


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