Using extra virgin olive oil in your skin care

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Using extra virgin olive oil in your skin care

Have you girls ever heard of the benefits of using olive oil in your skin care?

Scientifically, olive oil is full of the good stuff. Extra virgin olive oil, especially, has been scientifically proven to be able to lower inflammatory markers in blood due to its high concentration of polyphenols. In simpler terms, what this all means is that, extra virgin olive oil has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. Other than this, extra virgin olive oil is also know to be good for the heart, and is associated with lower incidences of heart disease when taken regularly. Some compounds in extra virgin olive oil act as natural anti-oxidants  such as vitamin E, beta carotene and hydroxytyrosol which protect the blood vessels from over-reactive harmful oxidants.

We know that extra virgin olive oil is good for us when we consume it regularly. But have you ever thought about using extra virgin olive oil as skin care?

That’s right. Skin care.

grey Using extra virgin olive oil in your skin care

Surprisingly, using olive oil as skin care is nothing new. The practice of using olive oil as a beauty benefit has been around for thousands of years. Cleopatra herself has rubbed olive oil into her hair and Sophia Lauren uses it in her bath. In Italy and around the Mediterranean, people have been using olive oil since ancient times.

For those with dry skin, putting olive oil on your skin every night before you go to bed will leave your skin soft, supple and moisturized when you wake up in the morning. This is especially true when you turn on the air conditioner and the room air becomes too dry for your skin. Why is this so? This is because extra virgin olive oil contains squalene, which is a common ingredient in moisturizers.

People would naturally wonder whether olive oil would clog pores, since it is an oil after all. However, you would be surprised to know that olive oil is non-oil clogging and it is even more beneficial for acne prone skin. One of the videos that I have come across explaining how olive oil has done wonders for acne skin is this video

Scientifically, the vitamin E in olive oil is especially good for the skin as it promotes regeneration of cells and the high concentration of chlorophyll acts as an anti aging component.

For people with rough elbows, or overly dry skin on other parts of the body such as the knees, and the heels, rubbing a little olive oil on those dry areas regularly works wonders in the long run.

I have tried this little home remedy on my skin for the past few months, and I have to say it really does work for me. I have really bad acne prone skin and have tried just about every type of cleanser out there in the market. I found that extra virgin olive oil soothed my skin so much so that the acne toned down a bit. Just put about two drops of olive oil on your palm, and take time to massage the oil in on your face until it does not feel so greasy anymore, and then go to sleep. You will feel the difference when you wake up.

Also, extra virgin olive oil is way better than olive oil, so make sure you get the right variant!

grey Using extra virgin olive oil in your skin care

What do you think? Would you put extra virgin olive oil on your face rather than your spaghetti?

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