Feel good Friday: Looking good on the inside and outside

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Feel good Friday: Looking good on the inside and outside

We’ve all heard of the old adage that inner beauty is but a myth. Well, folks. Here are my two cents on it. I believe that outside beauty attracts the attention, but it’s what’s on the inside that maintains the attention.

On Morelook, there are tons of clothes, accessories, beauty and dressing tips that can help you to beautify yourself on the outside. But please remember, it’s very important to also maintain a peace of mind and take care of your inner health.

Too often nowadays, we are bogged down by a million stresses in our lives. There are many factors in our external environment such as our work, our family, friends and loved ones, that can affect our emotional well-being and subsequently, our ability to cope and move forward in our own life.


Here are some tips for you to lead a more beautiful life, both inside and outside

1. Practise kindness in every thing you do

While it may be tempting to harbour resentment, express annoyance and anger towards others for not being considerate enough, for keeping things from you, for treating you not as well as you think they should, take a moment to realize that there are alternatives towards expressing or reacting negatively to a situation. There is a saying that goes “An eye for an eye.” Because that person has treated me really badly, I should treat him or her really badly as well. Well, most of the time, you would end up feeling worse even if there is temporary satisfaction for inflicting back the same amount of pain. Instead of thinking that way, try to think about it from another perspective. Here is an opportunity for the person who has treated me badly to see and learn that it is better to be kind, and forgiving, rather than angry and resentful. When you respond to a person’s anger and ill will with kindness and forgiveness, it might not be apparent in a day, but there will come a day when the person will look back and think twice about his or her actions and your good deeds would have not gone to waste.


Of course, this is easier said and done, and our emotions often overpower us to react in a way that we feel at the time. We lash out, speak out in anger, cry because we are hurt, and wish to inflict guilt and reaction to the person that has treated us badly in the first place.


It’s normal. We are only human, after all. The first step is to recognise these feelings, and recognising the trigger, and then reacting in a positive manner before it can escalate into something negative.


2. Practicing the power of now

This might seem like new age hog wash, but I truly believe there is wisdom to be gained from remembering to always be in the moment. Your tools for change, whether it be a change in yourself, an outcome that you desperately want in the future in your work, or your goals  in life, depends on your actions now, not what you have done in the past, or am going to do in the future, but now. The collective small steps that you make at each moment, will add up and it will pay off eventually.


3.  Feeling good about doing good without expecting anthing in return

In my opinion, this is actually one of the hardest things to do in human nature. When you do something good, you would naturally hope and expect people to see it, know it, and then react positively in return. When that does not happen, it’s natural to feel resentful, upset, and disappointed.

But it’s important to know the reasons behind your actions. Are you doing it in the hopes of getting something in return? Or are you doing it with a genuine feeling in your heart whether or not the recipient notices? If it is for the latter reason, it would not matter or not whether anyone realizes that you have done something good, so long as you yourself realize it. And that feeling of joy of wishing other people well and happiness from your good deed, beats any other feeling out there.

When we think about how we can help and give to other people, rather than what other people can do to help us or give us, the world becomes more joyful and meaningful.

I hope you guys have something to learn from today. I do too, and my own personal journey has been very tough but without it, I would not have realised the lessons I have picked up in the past and would not be able to share them with you today.

Stay beautiful, on the inside and outside! icon smile Feel good Friday: Looking good on the inside and outside


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