Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

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Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous – Coco Chanel

The famous quote by the late great Coco Chanel certainly has a lot to do with our article today! Although rules are always meant to be broken when it comes to fashion, there are certain principles that should always be adhered to when it comes to fashion. Here are ten fashion faux pas that leaves Coco Chanel cringing and the classy fashion police running to arrest you for.

1. Visible panty line

grey Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

Imagine this. You are wearing a beautiful, sexy, skin tight dress that clings to your every curve. Fellow admirer’s glances look appreciatively onto your fabulous style, until they reach your derriere. They can see the outline of your underwear and probably tell you the exact shape of your bottom. Sometimes they can even tell you what colour your underwear is. Girls, WHY? When wearing jersey or clingy material, please, please, please invest in some seamless panties, or wear a G string. There is really nothing more awful than a sexy fabulous dress being spoilt by visible panty line.

2. Exposing both your boobs and your legs

grey Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

Here is the rule. The general rule of thumb is that you can choose to showcase your fabulous twins or showcase your fabulous legs, but not both at the same time. Wanting to channel Blake Lively all the time might be tempting, but not everyone can be Blake Lively. Save that for the club, and choose just one if you want to be classy and attract the right kind of attention

3. Wearing high heels with Daisy Dukes

grey Top ten fashion crimes you can commit


Let us try to put it in perspective. Denim shorts look absolutely classy and GREAT with flats. Here’s an example

grey Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

You can absolutely wear heels with shorts, if they are fitted and tailored, just not with Daisy Dukes.

4. Wearing clothes that don’t fit

grey Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

If you happen to be curvier than the norm, then admit that you are what you are, and you are beautiful as you are. There is no need to squeeze into a size 6 dress or top and have your guts spilling out above your jeans! Women who embrace their curves and find clothes that fit them perfectly are gorgeous. We love women like Sofia Vergara, Christina Hendricks and Scarlett Johansson who embrace their body shape and wear clothes that fit them like a glove.

5. Wearing a smocked top like it’s 1995

grey Top ten fashion crimes you can commitgrey Top ten fashion crimes you can commitgrey Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

Please stop wearing ugly smocked dresses and tops. Even maternity women have moved on, so can you. If you look at well tailored clothes, even clothes that are stretchy, and clothes that look expensive (but might not necessarily be), they do not have a single smocked detail. You can wear your smocked top to the beach, and that’s it. Keep it there.

6. Wearing a track suit out in public

grey Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

We blame Paris Hilton for this phenomenon and we hope it never comes back.

7. Wearing Crocs of any kind

grey Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

We don’t care how comfortable they are. There is NO GOOD REASON for wearing a pair of Crocs out in public. None. Nada. Burn it.

8. Wearing a fanny pack

grey Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

If you are really desperate to go out running and keeping your hands free, there are tons of sport attire in the market with hidden pockets to keep minimal cash, cards and your keys, without needing to sling the ugly thing around your waist. We know fashion tried to bring it back a couple of seasons ago, but really. There is absolutely no excuse for wearing a fanny pack. Unless you are fifty years old and you don’t care anymore.

9. Flashing your underwear

grey Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

If your jeans are particularly low rise, make sure that your butt crack doesn’t show, nor your underwear either. Leave your bum to the imagination, and leave people with their appetites intact.

10. Wearing clashing monogram

grey Top ten fashion crimes you can commit

Imagine this. A checked Burberry shirt, a monogrammed Gucci belt, and a monogrammed Louis Vuitton pair of trousers worn all at the same time. Monograms are best done tastefully in small doses. Wearing it head to toe would just scream tacky and trashy rather than classy.

Keep it classy ladies!


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    This is a fabulous tip page! You’ve expressed every single thought of mine on an everyday basis!

    Keep it up, girl. Will be in touch with ya :)


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